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Have access to fresh and healthy food on the go in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo, Marion, IA and surrounding markets.

What do you usually choose for your midday snack? Something to satisfy your sweet tooth or something savory that will hold you over until dinner? If your choices are dependent upon what's in the vending machine, maybe you'll benefit from a wider range of options. A cup of yogurt or a banana may help you kick your habit of eating cookies every day at 2:30 p.m. sharp. On The Go Markets has the services you need to help improve your workplace's food options. Replace your vending machine with a micro mart stocked with snacks and beverages based on the desires of your employees.

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3 benefits of having a micro mart in your workplace

3 benefits of having a micro mart in your workplace

Are you considering replacing your vending machine with a more diverse alternative? Here are a few benefits to bringing a micro mart to your business.

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Put an end to growling stomachs

On The Go Markets is a growing locally owned and operated business located in Marion, IA. Servicing the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo and surrounding markets. We are dedicated to helping businesses promote healthy habits by providing micro marts full of nutritious beverage, meal and snack options that your employees are looking for. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we want to work in partnership with your business to bring diverse options that fit the culture of your business and the preferences of your employees. We are customer service-oriented, and we want to make sure your business benefits from the service that we provide.

Choose On The Go Markets today to replace your vending machine with a diverse selection of fresh food.

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